Friday, December 15, 2017

First and Fresh

First Tracks and Fresh Tracks on Peak 7 all morning long with Zorro. What fun!
"First & fresh - wheeee!!!!" says happy Zorro at our turnaround point of the morning.
Yesterday morning's skijor took us to the Breckenridge Nordic Center on Peak 7 near Breckenridge Ski Resort. The ski resort reported 6 inches of new snow overnight and the nordic center has the skijor-able trails closest to where the ski resort measures new snow. So we knew we would have a good fresh base to enjoy on the trails. Our expectations were met. About 2/3 of the outing found us on freshly groomed nordic center trails (groomie zoomies) and the other 1/3 found us laying fresh tracks on ungroomed side trails. What a fun day - come along for the adventure:

Zipping along behind the "Flying Z" as we are first tracks on the freshly groomed nordic trails. There was light snowfall most of our outing and I love the snowflake this shot has caught just below Zorro's left ear. First tracks amidst falling snow - Siberian Husky Dream!
"Wheeee - look at meeeee!" says flying Zeeeee :)
When we were not laying first tracks on the freshly groomed trails, we were on side trails laying fresh tracks in 3-6 inches of untouched, new snow.
"Love laying freshies!" declares Zorro gliding along through the morning's fresh snow.
At our high elevation point of the day, we decided to step off the groomed trails and test the untouched side trails. It is safe to say that the snowpack is "set" for a good winter once you get up high (although conditions are still sketchy at lower elevations):
"Deep as meeeee!" says cute Zorro pausing to check the deep snowpack off trail.
Back to the primary activity of the day: flying along the groomie zoomies of the Breckenridge Nordic Center. Here we go with Flying Z (watch closely to see the light snowfall coming down around us :)
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

What does a groomed trail system generate? Speed as Zorro hit his top solo skijoring speed of this season: 23 MPH while skijoring 7.5 miles with 650 feet of elevation climbed.

2017/2018 Season to Date: 14 days on the trails covering 98.3 miles with 8900 feet of elevation climbed.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

First Left

Perfect form as Jack executes his first "skijor left" with Zorro and I yesterday morning!
"I'm a sled dog! I'm a sled dog! Look at my perfect left!!!!" exclaims perfect puppy Jack!
"Nice, kid, you've got potential!!!" declares Zorro.
This has become our new skijor pattern: Zorro and I go out for a nice run and then we hook up Jack on a short downhill or flat slope to finish the day's run. To date, we have had Jack hooked up on easy straightaways where his only goal is to free run along with Zorro towing me. Well, yesterday morning we introduced some mind exercises into Jack's run - his first skijor left! It was perfect (see photo above and video below). Of course, we had already been working on lefts and rights during walks; but this was his first on-command left while skijoring - woo hoo, he gets it!

Come along and watch Jack on his first on-command left. A few things to note about how well Jack did. (1) The trail has both a straightaway and a left option, so he had to listen to know which way to go. (2) Nancy is on the straightaway and nobody is to the left, so he had to "abort Mom" and go left on command! (3) Jack is on the outside of the left, so he had to listen as opposed to having Zorro on the outside to nudge him left. Perfect, perfect, perfect!
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

Enough compliments on Jack, back to Zorro's run. We did a short & gentle semi-circle on the Harrison Creek main trail and side trails. It was a fast packed and fun day:
Launching Zorro as we sprint along fast packed terrain!
Okay, here we go zipping along behind Zorro. Watch as we open it up along a nice straightaway and then cut into a hard left before opening it up again. Wheeee!
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

The trails were so fast that we were way ahead of schedule to meet Jack & Nancy near the trailhead for Jack's finish; so, Zorro and I followed a snowmobile track off trail and then found ourselves a moose track to inspect:
"Sniff, sniff - very fresh - moose this way!!!!" declares track inspecting Zorro.
Zorro tried to convince me that following the moose track into the thick trees was a good idea.
"Sorry, Zorro, the human is not that brave (or stupid :)!" I said.
Fast sprint tracks, fresh moose tracks and a perfect left with the young puppy. What a day!
"Yes, yes, what a day! I had a blast!" says cute & happy Zorro at a turnaround point of the day.

A quick & fast outing: 4.1 miles traveled with 300 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 21 MPH.

2017/2018 Season to Date: 13 days on the trails covering 90.8 miles with 8250 feet of elevation climbed.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Perfect Conditions

Look at these perfect conditions skijoring high atop Walton Peak! Sweet!
Flying along behind Zorro on an absolutely perfect backcountry trail.
It has been a pretty dry start to winter in Colorado. But, a few trails are actually set and ready to go. Walton Peak, near Rabbit Ears Pass, is one such trail. If you are currently in Colorado and looking at the dry conditions covering most of the state, you are probably shocked at the prior photo. But, yes, Walton Peak is in excellent condition!

Need some more convincing of the conditions on Walton Peak? Well, come along and watch Zorro and I flying along as we uncork the skijoring engine to top 21 MPH. Wheeee!
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

In addition to the great conditions on Walton Peak, we found another treat to the day's outing. The initial portion of the trail had been groomed! Most of the terrain was as you see in the first photo; but the beginning of trail looked like what you see below - a groomed zoom trail. With such a nice groom at the beginning (and end), we took the opportunity to hookup Jack to finish the day with Zorro and I on the groomie zoomie. Here is a beautiful photo of getting Jack into skijoring! Notice that Zorro is significantly in front of Jack (compare their shadows) as he "sprint tows" me along the fast trail. Jack, on the other hand, is doing exactly what we want at this age - simply have fun and run along with Zorro and I.
Sprint stretched Zorro with "hover Jack" doing his best to keep pace with us.
Fun day, right Zorro?
"Oh my, who knew Walton Peak was in such great condition?!? Well, we do NOW!" exclaims
happy Zorro at a quick pause point on the trail this morning.

A fast day on great conditions: 8.8 miles traveled with 850 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 21 MPH.

2017/2018 Season to Date: 12 days on the trails covering 86.7 miles with 7950 feet of elevation climbed.