Saturday, December 10, 2016


Max is know for rolling snow angels on the trail. Today Zorro joined in. Dual Snow Angels :)
Headless Z - when Zorro "does something" he ALWAYS does it to the extreme :)
"Aahhh, love rolling in the snow!" says fun rolling Max.
"DUNK and ROLL!" demonstrates silly Zorro.
We had a mix of extremes on today's outing...

There were sections of deep snow for breaking trail:
Powering though 10 or so inches as a nice view of Breckenridge Ski Resort comes into view
across the valley.
Then there were sections with a light layer of snow over a packed trail - zoom:
Pedal to the metal as we fly along with about an inch of snow over packed terrain.
Breaking trail and flying fast - a great combo of extremes for a day's outing:
"I had a GREAT time!" exclaims happy Max at the end of our run.
"Me too; but 'YUM', there are delicious snowcones over here!" says snow chomping Zorro.

A fun day of extremes covering 8.4 miles with 1000 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 20 MPH.

2016/2017 Season to Date: 30 days on the trails covering 223.7 miles with 22,350 feet of elevation climbed.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Deep & Narrow

We are happy to report we skijored less mileage than usual due to breaking trail in about 15 inches of fresh powder this morning!
Max & Zorro plowing through 15 inches of fresh powder as they tow me for miles & miles!
What a fun Siberian Workout!
When we were not breaking trail, we were trotting "single file" in a set track only one Siberian wide.
We go a little slower in single file configuration; but notice that Zorro's back feet are airborne.
We go "slower", not "slow" in this setup :)
When there is a lot of "single track" trail, Max & Zorro work together and alternate who gets lead (the "more work" position) while the other gets to "rest while jogging" in the second slot.
Entertaining the crowds as Zorro takes point along this portion of single track.
Why "single file" you may ask. Well, look closely, if either of Max or Zorro hops out of the single track to run "side by side" then that guy will be in 12-16 inches of powder in which case it is not possible to keep up with your brother in the set track. So, they happily alternate in single file skijoring to keep things moving briskly.

Our outing went as follows: (1) break trail up the back side of Sally Barber Mine; (2) jog single file down the front side of Sally Barber in the set single track; (3) continue single file in a set track in lower French Gulch; and (4) break trail in 12-15 inches of powder in mid French Gulch. Fun!

Did I say "French Gulch"? Well, you know what that means....
"MOOSE! Found one!!!!" declare my moose spotting pair (their noses took them off trail
to stare into the trees here).
Can you see the moose in the prior photo... Look carefully for a "big brown object"... Still can't find it? Well, here is the same photo with an arrow above the moose.
"Who needs an arrow - she is RIGHT THERE!!!!" declare Max & Zorro.

After an aerobic day of breaking trail and jogging single file, we added a final "cool down" mile on plowed & easy French Gulch Road: 7.7 miles traveled with 800 feet of elevation climbed.

2016/2017 Season to Date: 29 days on the trails covering 215.3 miles with 21,350 feet of elevation climbed.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Another Day, Another Moose

Another Day in French Gulch, Another Moose Sighting off the Trail!

The day started innocently as we found ourselves laying fresh tracks in about 3 inches of new snow on the French Gulch Trail:
Setting the trail for everyone else - love gliding and laying fresh tracks!
After the innocent start, it became very moosie...

What does it look like when your noses say "We smell moose to the right!" but the trees are thick and the moose are not visible? Well, here you go:
All noses say "Moose Scent to the Right!!!!" So, we stare intensely into the forest trying
to find the moose!
What does it look like when your moose seeking partners convince you to go "off trail" and follow our noses? Well, here you go:
Happily breaking trail in 15-18 inches of snow as the human has let us go off trail and
follow our noses!
What is the reward for "following your noses"? Well....
Two Bull Moose!!!! Look in the top of the photo, just left of center (or just follow Max's gaze).

Zoom in on the moose from the prior photo. Such big & beautiful creatures!

You may be thinking, "Zorro doesn't look to be locked on the 2 moose as Max is - what's up?" Well, I followed Zorro's gaze to the right and, low and behold, there was another female moose down in the gulch too. THREE moose - wow!

It is actually pretty rare to see two bull moose hanging together as in the photos above. I believe these two are twin brothers (based on our past year's moose encounters in French Gulch). We spotted them together frequently at the beginning of last season and then they seemed to disappear. I figured they had matured and went on their separate ways. But, no, here we see them again still hanging together. Fun to see two big antler racks so close together!

We only had time for a short run in French Gulch this morning; but it was very "moose entertaining" - 5.8 miles traveled with 500 feet of elevation.

2016/2017 Season to Date: 28 days on the trails covering 207.6 miles with 20,550 feet of elevation climbed.