Monday, December 13, 2010

French Gulch Sprint

Pausing & taking in the sights.
Another good wave of snow Friday night to Sunday morning had us ready to hit the trails again early Sunday.

The original plan was to do French Gulch up to French Pass and back (about 8 miles roundtrip and 2000 feet elevation gain). Due to extremely deep snow, we modified our route and did a sprint out & back remaining within French Gulch - a 5.9 mile roundtrip with only a modest 500 feet in elevation.

The Route: French Gulch Winter Trailhead up French Gulch Road hugging French Gulch for just unter 3 miles then returning on the same path.

Vital Stats: 5.9 miles roundtrip, 1h 15m total time, 58m moving time, 6.1 MPH average, 16 MPH top speed!
The "turnaround point" - no sign of the official trail, powder in excess of 4 feet deep!
Zorro exploring deep into the snow.
Max coming up for air.
Max using Zorro as a step stool to get a peek at the "path ahead"

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