Wednesday, February 23, 2011

An Indiana Creek/Boreas Tour

A little "head dunking in the snow" as we connected from Indiana
Creek onto Boreas Pass Rd
Following up on Saturday's 13.5 mile adventure - Wednesday found us doing a mild 8.2 mile skijor tour.

The Route: Indiana Creek winter trailhead up Indiana Creek; to & past the Dyersville junction and up to Boreas Pass Rd; hang a left and sprint down Boreas Pass Rd to the Boreas winter trailhead.

The Conditions: (1) packed from the Indiana Creek trailhead to the Pennsylvania Creek junction; (2) 2-3 inches of powder to the Dyersville junction; (3) increasing powder to 1 foot from Dyersville to Boreas; (4) packed powder to packed down Boreas Pass Rd.

Vital Stats: 8.2 miles; 105 minutes total; 90 minutes moving time; 5.5 MPH moving average; 16 MPH top speed.

The Siberians: "these 8-9 mile tours are getting too easy - bring on the 15 mile tours!"
Connecting with Boreas Pass Rd. A look to the right, up Boreas Pass.
Connecting with Boreas Pass Rd. A look to the left - our "down route".
Taking a break before we started down Boreas: conducting a "taste test" of the snow ;-)

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