Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another Siberian Convert ... Lost...

Cruising up Boreas Pass Rd - small layer of fresh
snow (1-2 inches) and fox tracks to guide us ;-)
Today's Skijoring Highlight: 50th day on the trail this season!!!

Today's Siberian Comical Moment: As we were skijoring up Boreas Pass Rd, a pair of snowshoers were on the trail in front of us. Max & Zorro view anything in front of them as an object to catch and overtake. People, dogs, birds, rabbits - you name it, they view it as a target and kick into overdrive to catch the object in front. As we were passing the snowshoe couple, they said the usual comment we get on the trails, "Wow - that's almost not fair how those two are powering you up the trail! We need some huskies!" For a brief moment, another Siberian convert gained...

As we passed the couple Max said, "Target caught and passed, now what?" In an answer to "what", Max moved slightly off the trail into deeper powder, dipped his head into the powder and flicked some snow up in the air (some hitting Zorro). Zorro reacted with his usual comment, "You talking to me?!??" Zorro then proceeded to jump on Max. Max returned the favor by flattening Zorro in the middle of the trail.

The couple came running up to us yelling, "Oh my god, do you need help?" It must have been quite the sight for them to see a Siberian Wrestle Match breakout in the middle of the trail. I responded, "No, they are just playing, it's not as bad as it looks" - and I then proceeded to untangle my wrestling pair and re-explain the object of skijoring to them. On watching this episode, one of the snowshoers said, "Wow - maybe YOU have it harder and it's not fair that you have to deal with them!" Sigh, another Siberian convert lost...

The Route: start at the Boreas winter trailhead and skijor up Boreas Pass Rd for 4.9 miles; take a short break and then skijor back down Boreas Pass Rd - returning to the winter trailhead.

Vital Stats: 9.8 miles; 2h 10m total time; 1h 50m moving time; 5.3 MPH moving average; 15 MPH top speed; 900 feet of elevation gain (and loss). Not a particularly fast outing; but given the rising temperatures, I did not want to push Max & Zorro too hard and risk losing their enthusiasm - so I let them set a pace comfortable to them.
Another shot of Max & Zorro cruising up Boreas.
Notice the fox tracks on the trail in front of us - nothing like
fresh fox tracks to give the Siberian Engine a little extra boost!
Another view of the path up Boreas and that interesting set of fox tracks
sharing the trail with us. It's just us huskies Mr. Fox, you can come out
on the trail (hehehe).
A look back at our tracks coming up Boreas Pass Rd.
Note the blue in the sky - after almost constant snow the last 2 weeks
of April, it appears that Spring has finally decided to make an appearance
in the Colorado High Country...
Did I mention "Spring arrived" today. Max & Zorro were convinced this was the hottest
day in history! Nothing like making Siberian snow angels to cool yourself off!
Love the last shot of Max (upper right) - just finished his snow angel and is smacking
his lips with his tongue - YUM, very tasty snow.

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