Friday, June 24, 2011

Boot Skiing

Summer Fun with Skijoring Siberians... How about Boot Skiing!!!

Boot Skiing [defined]: find a nice downhill patch of "summer snow" on the Breck Ski Resort. Attach your Siberians (in harness) to your waist, bend your knees and lean back in a squatting position. Tell the Siberians to "go" and get propelled down the ski run without having to lift your feet - Boot Skiing!

It's a blast, but boy is it a workout on the human's knees...
Beginning our "boot skiing" down a "blue run" leaving Peak 9 Restaurant
on Breckenridge Ski Resort.
Looking down at the boot skiing route we are about to embark upon.
Basically, Max & Zorro took off, veered to the right (following the snow)
and then sprinted down the snow and off over the horizon.
The human: in a squat, skiing in boots under Siberian propulsion!
Stopping for a quick "cool off" in a roaring creek of snow runoff.
We had to hike quite a ways up the Breckenridge Ski Mountain before
finding snow good enough to boot ski on.
Finally - encountered some significant snow on the hike up.
Not enough to boot ski yet, but plenty for Zorro to "snow angel" in!
Surveying the surrounding snow at Peak 9 Restaurant - looking for
a good "boot ski" path down...


  1. Looks like fun! It's nice to have some snow in June.

  2. Kat, you and Steve would love it! And we'd share. :)

    Max and Zorro