Thursday, August 18, 2011

See Snow, will Travel...

Max, Zorro & I hit the mountains Wednesday morning for a little summer endurance training. A nice thing about the Colorado mountains is that, if you have the stamina & endurance, you can usually make it to snow almost year round!
Looking at a patch of snow high up on Peak 9. About 2,000 feet of hiking & climbing and we'll be there!
We started the hike in town (the left image) and hit our high point in this patch of snow (right image).
We spotted a nice patch of snow up on Peak 9 and hit the trails to experience that snow!

The Route:
  • 7.3 miles roundtrip.
  • 1,800 feet until our toes first touched snow.
  • 2,000 feet until we were in the large patch high up on Peak 9.
  • Ascending 2,000 feet in 3.3 miles before taking a little easier route down - STEEP!

On arriving at our first small snow patch, Zorro's thoughts, "Cool, tasty - YUM!"
Max says, "Rub your head - nice & cool!"
"Good idea bro! Ahhh, cool!" declares Zorro.
"Do the whole body! Rub a dub snow!" exclaims Max.


  1. Don't worry. Only a few more months until winter. :)

  2. Months?!? Max & Zorro are planning on weeks until our first good snow!