Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wildlife Fun

"Bear Prints, Deer Legs & Squirrels - Oh My!" - Max 08/14/2012

We had a wonderful "8 mile wildlife hike" this past Tuesday. We could describe it, but the pictures say it all...

We encountered a track of Bear Prints first on our hike. Both Max & Zorro paused to sniff the
print and left their prints behind it for reference. I put my size 10.5 foot in the shot for more
size reference.
Next gem we encountered: a Deer Leg with some leftover meat & cartilage on one end!
"Yum, Yum - Raw Deer!" says Max
"Done gnawing off the last of the meat & cartilage. Time to roll around in my prey!"
demonstrates Max.
"Hey - Fresh Squirrels this way - let's go!!!" proclaim Max & Zorro
What a day: Bear Prints, Deer Legs & Squirrels - Oh My!

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  1. Yikes!! You are some BIG BOYS!!

    I love reading about your adventures. That bear's paw is about the size of my head!!

    My name is Diva by the way. I am a 2-year old Shih Tzu that is looking for some new friends. Friends that come in all shapes and sizes.

    Follow me for all the latest celebrity gossip, fashions, deals, freebies, recipes, and so much more at my blog Diamond in the Ruff. Get it?! RUFF?! Hee, hee, woof!!

    So happy to have found this wonderful blog!!