Saturday, October 5, 2013

Early October Fun

A nice blast of "early October snow" arrived Thursday night. So, you know what that means... Max & Zorro were eager to hit the trails Friday morning to put the snow to use!

A narrow bridge over a ravine on the "Trail of Tears".
Approaching a bridge this narrow means you grab ahold of the sled, call to Max & Zorro to
"keep it straight" and close your eyes :-)

There was not a lot of snow and the ground was bare the day before, so we took the sled out for the run as the conditions were not good enough yet for skis. Our route took us up, down and around Sally Barber Mine while using the adjacent Trail of Tears to add some additional elevation and mileage to the outing.

The snow was too shallow in many areas for a human weight on the sled (the sled would cut down to the dirt and stick). But, the sled was perfect atop the fresh snow by itself. So, I had to hop off and run along for much of the outing. Boy, is it hard to keep up with two Siberians! Yet, "shallow snow" is "snow", so we made the most of today's short outing - highlights below:

Cruising along a nice section of trail - snow deep enough for the human to take a break and
ride on the sled runners!
Trotting along a narrow section of trail. Notice the exposed rock here & there. It was a bumpy
ride as the Siberians propelled the sled into & over many rocks.
Out in front of the sled at Sally Barber Mine. Max & Zorro peeking back at the
camera to say, "Whee - all snow is FUN snow!"
Of course, no outing is complete without Max rolling one of his patented
snow angels to cool off!

Today's little run covered 5.6 miles with 600 feet of elevation climbed. We are ready for real snow so we can get out the skis and get in some serious distances....

Pray for Snow!

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