Monday, October 27, 2014

October Freshies

A great October day laying fresh tracks on Rabbit Ears Pass!
Breaking trail and laying fresh tracks in 5-7 inches of fresh October powder - wheeee!
A storm blew into Colorado Sunday night into Monday morning and we decided to check the snow accumulation at Rabbit Ears Pass. Great decision as we spent the day laying fresh tracks in 2-8 inches of snow all day long!
Another beautiful stretch untouched, fresh snow. You can see the "snow troughs" behind
Max & Zorro showing the tracks they are laying in 4-5 inches of snow.
Before you get too impressed by the first two pictures above, remember that it is still October. That means that "early season conditions" are to be expected at all times. Today's primary obstacles were puddles not yet frozen and covered in snow (as they will be in November). See for yourself:
"Eek! Look at the puddle danger!" exclaims water averse Zorro taking the high road far to the
left to make sure he does not touch any water. "It's just a little water bro," says go-with-the-flow
and power through puddles Max.
The biggest problem with "puddle obstacles" is that it creates wet & heavy snow near any puddle which causes skis to become sticky and hard to glide (you have to lift up/down like snowshoes instead of typical gliding on skis). Oh well, it is better than no snow at all!

Time to turnaround, everyone having fun?
"Great day!" says happy little Zorro.
"Yes, but I think we should keep going!" says 'less than impressed' with the turnaround
command Max.
Quick stop to scrape mud & heavy snow off my skis. Everyone ready to go again?
"Absolutely, glad you fixed those silly skis!" says happy Max.
"Going...." demonstrates 'all business' Zorro.

A great day laying fresh tracks albeit somewhat slowed by sticky snow around the many puddle obstacles: 7.2 miles with 750 feet of elevation climbed.

2014/2015 Season to Date: 5 days on the trails covering 34.8 miles with 4150 feet of elevation climbed.

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