Monday, January 26, 2015

Fun in the Sun

It was "fun in the sun" most of the day running the wide open & sunny trails at Vail Pass.
Zooming along in Wilder Gulch at Vail Pass.

There was not a cloud in the sky all day as we spent the majority of our outing skijoring out & back on the wide open Wilder Gulch Trail. We took a few detours to run shaded side trails in the trees to add some mileage to the outing; but most of the day was in the bright & beautiful sun of Wilder Gulch.
Running into the sun - wheeee!
"I feel a great day is in the works!" whispers Zorro to airborne Max as we start out the
day going fast!

The various side trails were single snowmobile tracks that we would follow out & back off Wilder Gulch and into the trees for a bit. Each side trail came with chance to turnaround and get a shot of happy Max & Zorro...
"Turnaround? Ok - I'm game!" states happy Zorro.
"Busy... rolling a snow angel to cool off first!" states silly Max.
Another side trail, another turnaround to head back to the main trail.
"Ready... But we could stay in the cool powder in the trees all day too!" suggest the happy pair.

Fun in the Sun at Vail Pass as we covered 10 miles with 1050 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 21 MPH.

2014/2015 Season to Date: 68 days on the trails covering 580.6 miles with 62,900 feet of elevation climbed.

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