Thursday, June 4, 2015


A big WOW for the "mid winter conditions" atop Buffalo Pass on the morning of June 4th!
Zipping along the top of Buffalo Pass and "all white" as far as the eye can see! Wow!

Our "close to home" trails are all dead for the season; but if you look out the window you can still see white atop many of the peaks and passes of Colorado. So, it is no longer a 10-20 minute drive to the trailheads; but instead a multi-hour drive to get on snow. No problem, that just means we cannot get out every day and have to plan our outings instead. Yet, it is "Toes on Snow in June" so well worth it.

Today's adventure took us to Buffalo Pass. We approached the pass from the east side and drove up the winding dirt road until there was too much snow to continue (yay!). Then it was out of the Jeep and on the skis and Max & Zorro towed me up the remaining 4ish miles to the top of the pass. The photo above is the top of Buffalo Pass and you would never guess it was June, would you? It was fun, fun, fun flying up, down and around Buffalo Pass this morning!
Catching air as we sprint up a slight incline on the climb to the top of the pass - wheeee!
Flying along one of the many open patches of "all snow" once we got near the top of the pass.

If only Buffalo Pass was closer to home... But, given the snowpack atop the pass, we will certainly be back in the near future!
"We could do this terrain EVERY day!" exclaim the ecstatic pair at our turnaround
point on top of Buffalo Pass.

An amazing outing for June 4th: 8.3 miles with 950 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 21 MPH.

2014/2015 Season to Date: 153 days on the trails covering 1310.2 miles with 137,350 feet of elevation climbed.

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