Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Fast and Fresh

A typical day skijoring French Gulch: fast terrain + moose distractions :)
Pedal to the metal on the fast & wide trail in lower French Gulch. Zoom!

As you can see in the prior photo - the terrain was fast packed & wide down low. The trail always narrows as you go further and further until it was fast packed & barely 2 Siberians wide.
Just wide enough to keep shoulder-to-shoulder at a pretty fast pace. Wheeee!

Fast and flying all over the terrain until.... Fresh smelling moose tracks pulled us off the trail to inspect. We saw big two-toed moose prints along the trail until the big moose decided to hang a right and head off into the gulch.
"Wow - this smells VERY fresh!" exclaims track inspecting Zorro.
"I know, I know - you check the track and I'll search for moose! Where is the moose?!?" asks
terrain scanning Max.

Always fun to stand in a fresh moose track trough and search for the moose.
"I think we should follow this track!" declares moose seeking Zorro.
"Still scanning... Where is that darned moose?!?" states focused Max.
We never actually spotted a moose, but my partners' noses said one had been on the trail very recently! Fast times on French Gulch with fresh moose tracks for added entertainment: 8.1 miles traveled with 800 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 21 MPH.

2015/2016 Season to Date: 65 days on the trails covering 550.6 miles with 58200 feet of elevation climbed.

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