Wednesday, December 5, 2018


Our first "hover husky trio" shot. Impressive guys!  :)
The airborne "hover husky trio" flying along the fast trail. Impressive synchronization!!!
We started the day on a well traveled side trail that had a dusting of new snow for us to lay fresh tracks. Rudy's first time on this fast & fun trail.
A tight 3-pack of sprinting sled dogs laying fresh tracks. Wheeee!
The day's goal was to eventually connect onto the groomed trails at Gold Run Nordic Center. I have been waiting for these trails to be open for the season as they are PERFECT training trails for young Rudy. It is pretty much flat or downhill the entire time with only 2 little uphill lifts. The trails have lots of sun exposure and are lower in elevation than our typical trails; thus the reason it took until December for them to be ready to run.

It was worth the wait, as I was right that these are perfect trails to train Rudy (and even Jack) how to really uncork the skijoring engine. Proof? Well, we hit a top speed of 20 MPH today on these trails. This was both Jack & Rudy's first 20 MPH skijor. Wow. I knew it would come to Jack soon, but 20 MPH already for Rudy? This kid is a sled dog machine!

Back when Rudy was only 6 months old, I took him for a short jog/run by himself. When I was done, I told Nancy, "My goodness, this kid has a stride like I've never seen before. He is beyond impressive and will be a monster on the trails!" Well, I was right, Rudy is impressively smooth at his young age. Imagine as he continues to mature!

Come along for today's fast & fun video clip as we are flying along the groomed trails at Gold Run Nordic Center. Zorro has topped 24 MPH by himself on this trail before and Max & Zorro had topped 27 MPH. So, I expect us to keep setting speed records for Jack & Rudy on this terrain as the 2 continue to grow and mature. Zoom!
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

We are still taking lots of breaks when young Rudy is with. You know what that means?
"Stopped.... Rolling..." demonstrates silly Jack.
"He's a goof! Are you sure I am the young one?" asks Rudy.
"Why stopped, look at the fresh snow in front of us!" declares Zorro.
Done with the day's short & easy run - how's everyone feeling?
"We are VERY proud of ourselves!" say the fast & furious trio :)

Our first "hover husky trio" and, impressively, our first 20+ MPH outing with the youngsters: 3.1 miles traveled and a top speed of 20 MPH.

2018/2019 Season to Date: 16 days on the trails covering 80.4 miles with 7350 feet of elevation climbed.

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