Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Back to Boreas

Back to our reliable early season trail, Boreas Pass, as we wait for more snow to open up additional terrain.

Laying fresh tracks as we glide up Boreas Pass.

Normally, we have many more trail options than Boreas by November 10th. But, we've had a slow start to accumulating snow this 2020/2021 season. This was our third trip to skijor Boreas this season with no other options to be had. Today, though, was our nicest outing of the season on Boreas. It feels like we are one or two good snowstorms away from getting the season truly underway. Pray for Snow.

Back to this morning. We were able to start at the Boreas trailhead instead of having to drive up Boreas until the snow was good enough to ski. Jack and Rudy had a blast towing me up, up and away on Boreas. Rudy was quite delighted with the day's conditions as he had to tell me at our turnaround point:
"Woooooo, what a great morning!" declares wooing Rudy.
"Turnaround, roll around!" demonstrates always rolling Jack :)

Rudy loves to talk and today he decided to forego rolling a snow angel at our turnaround to express wooing excitement instead. Silly kid.

Done rolling & talking and it was time to pick up the speed back down Boreas. Come along for a short & fun clip of the wonderful sled dogs towing me down Boreas:
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

Always fun to zoom by the historic Baker's Tank as you cruise Boreas:
Zipping along as we glide by Baker's Tank.

Finally, the highlight of the day, rejoining with retired, elder Zorro to share in 'end of run' treats:

"Me first!" declares Zorro :)
Such patience from the polite, hardworking kids letting elder Zorro
get his treat before them!

A nice early season cruise up/down Boreas Pass: 7.8 miles traveled with 750 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 18 MPH.

2020/2021 Season to Date: 4 days on the trails covering 19.8 miles with 1900 feet of elevation climbed.

So close to getting this season really underway. Another storm or two! Pray for Snow!

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