Monday, January 9, 2012

Cool Down

Zorro says, "Who says I'm small? Look, I'm wider than
a ski!
We followed up yesterday's deep snow/trail breaking outing with an 8 mile "cool down" today.

We started at the Baldy Mtn Rd trailhead and skijored up & across Baldy Mtn to connect onto Bakers Tank trail on Boreas Mtn. Most of the route was following one set of tracks - our tracks from yesterday :-)

We then skijored up to the high point of Bakers Tank trail and then down to Boreas Pass Rd (again, reusing our tracks from yesterday). Once on Boreas, we skijored up for a little ways before taking a break and cruising down to the Boreas Pass winter trailhead (Boreas is a well traveled route, so lots of existing tracks).

All in, a short little "jog route" to nicely follow up yesterday's "big route".

Vital Stats: 8.2 miles; 94m total; 82m skijoring time; 17 MPH top speed; 700 feet of elevation gain. A nice, gentle 8 mile "cool down" outing.

Taking a break in the deep snow off the trail before starting back down.
A nice look down Boreas Pass Rd. Fresh snow with a few existing tracks
at this high elevation. Few go as far/high as us, once we got back down to
the "civilized" parts of Boreas, the trail was quite used and beaten down.

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