Sunday, January 8, 2012

Perfect Day!

Upper sections of Indiana Creek, before connecting with
Boreas Pass Rd. About 15-18 inches deep here, and getting
deeper! We are about to switch to single file skijoring as it
gets deeper than Zorro.
Last night delivered some high quality snow to the Colorado High Country - today delivered a perfect skijoring outing for Max, Zorro & I. The highlights:

(1) No tracks for the first 7.6+ miles of our outing. We were breaking trail for 7.6 miles straight!

(2) Untouched powder as deep as 20+ inches (deeper than Zorro). We had to switch to single file skijoring for a while to use Max's snow stilts (long legs) to break trail with Zorro riding in behind Max.

(3) 4+ inches of untouched powder for the first 7.6 miles (the majority with 6-20 inches). Now that is a Siberian Workout!

(4) Perfect Siberian temperatures, around 3 degrees when we started (and dropping as we went up in elevation) and only about 12 degrees when we finished. Max & Zorro will tell you that is perfect conditions for hauling me around the backcountry.

Max & Zorro's take on the outing? Perfect! We were skijoring for about 1h 50m straight through all this deep trail breaking when I stopped for a quick break to text Nancy where/when we'd be finishing. Both Max & Zorro showed *no* sign that they'd been running, with long stretches of deep deep snow, for almost 2 hours! They just wanted to strap back up and sprint the last 15 minutes of our route!

The Route: (1) Indiana Creek winter trailhead and up & out to connect to Boreas Pass Rd; (2) Down Boreas Pass Rd until Bakers Tank; (3) Up Bakers Tank trail until taking a right to connect from Boreas Mountain to Baldy Mountain; (4) Up Baldy until connecting with Forest Service Rd 5281B; (5) Up FR5281B until hitting the high point of this trail and then sprinting down FR5281B and Baldy Mtn Rd to the Baldy Mtn Rd winter trailhead. Note that the majority of this route was "up" - given the difference in elevation between our starting/ending points, we spent about 2/3 the distance in the "up direction" and only 1/3 of the distance in the "down direction". So, breaking trail uphill 2/3 of the route - and neither Siberian showed any sign of tiring!

Vital Stats: 9.1 miles; 135m total time; 126m skijoring time; 21 MPH top speed; 1600 feet of elevation gain; breaking trail in 6-20 inches of untouched powder for more than 80% of the trail!

Extreme trail breaking. The route is straight as Max & Zorro are aligned and
then a gentle right up through the opening in the trees. A bit after taking this
gentle right, the snow got "deeper than Zorro", so we had to switch to single
file skijoring to use Max's long legs to break trail for Zorro and I.
Pretty shot of the snow covered trees all around us where we took a quick break.
Another pretty snow shot. You can see a couple of the ski runs on Breckenridge
Ski Resort off in the distance.

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