Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hiking 4000 Feet Up

My Father's Day Present from Max & Zorro?
A hike 4,050 feet up to snow at the top of Peak 10 (and then back down). Woo, those two sure know how to throw a party!
Here we are about 1,000 feet from our high point. Notice the "dent" in the back
of Max's head... Well, it's not a real dent, that just shows how hard the wind was
blowing as we approached the top of Peak 10. The wind gusts were easily over
40-50 MPH as we got near the summit!
Here is a look at Peaks 8, 9 & 10 on the Breckenridge Ski Resort. And, yes,
we started at the base of the ski resort and hiked all the way up to the top
of Peak 10! Siberian Fun!
Our Route: Start near the base of the Breckenridge Ski Resort and then: (1) Hike up to and past Peak 9 Restaurant; (2) Continue on the jeep road ascending up Peak 9 and connecting over to Peak 10; (3) Continue on this jeep road all the way to and just past the Weather Station near the top of Peak 10; (4) Turn around and come down Peak 10 until connecting with Wheeler Trail; (5) Take Wheeler Trail to the Crystal Lakes trail and then to the Spruce Creek trailhead.

A Siberian Great Time - ascending 4050 feet on the way up (& then back down) and covering just under 11 miles. A steep ride up & down with lots of "snow treats" near the summit!

An abandoned cabin at (exactly) 13,000 feet on the path to the top of Peak 10.
Max & Zorro inspecting the cabin, "Hmmm, looks intact - can we move in here
for the summer?
" they ask...
Approaching the Weather Station at approximately 13,300 feet elevation.
"Hi weather station. Bye weather station - we've got more elevation to climb!"
A look back from our high point (at about 13,500 feet). You can see the abandoned
cabin from a previous photo as a dot along the jeep road. We are about 100 feet
from the top of Peak 10 in this shot; but we ran out of "jeep road" at the weather
station and then ran out of snow at this point. The remaining 100 feet required us
to traverse a stretch of extremely sharp rocks. We chose not to risk our toes on this
last stretch. So, we can say we "hiked to the top of the snow on Peak 10, just below
the actual summit.
Who is crazy enough to hike to the top of Peak 10, you ask...
"Just us Huskies and a pair of desperate skiers hiking the final patch of snow
on Peak 10 to ski down!
"Ah, rolling in the snow, cooling my jets! I love hiking the peaks!"
demonstrates Zorro.
"Move over, let a professional snow-angel-maker take over!" says Max.

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