Friday, June 1, 2012

Zorro's Birthday Party!

June 1st - Zorro turned 4 years old. I wonder what Zorro would want for his birthday???

Ok, so skijoring is not an option in June. So, Max & I gave him the next best thing we could think of...

A hike up & over Breckenridge Ski Resort and down to Copper Mountain Ski Resort. We love doing this hike in the summer, it is a true Siberian Treat: 11.2 miles in total distance with 3050 feet of elevation gain and 3150 feet of elevation decline. Woo - what a steep up & down - happy husky tails all around!
On the path up & over Breck Ski Resort. Max & Zorro looking at the fun snow
just a few thousand feet above us!
"Ah, snow!" says the birthday boy. When else could you hope for on a
June birthday?!?!
"This is nice, but how about MORE?" ponders birthday boy Zorro.
"More" is Zorro's FAVORITE word!
"Ahhh, now that's what I meant by MORE! Rub a dub dub!"
"Hey, don't forget about me! This birthday bash was MY idea," says Max.
"DEER! Did anyone else see the DEER??? Snow, Elevation and DEER, now
that's a birthday party!
" proclaims intense little Zorro.
Taking a break at the Wheeler Trail Summit between Breckenridge and Copper
(elevation about 12,500 feet). Notice Zorro, the mature little 4 year old, sitting
for the photo shoot!

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