Sunday, November 11, 2012

Vacation Albums

One of Max & Zorro's favorite "happenings" on the trails - Getting in so many people's Vacation Albums!

When we are near any busy trailheads, the excitement and interest of the onlookers is always so impressive. We are almost guaranteed to have a least one person pull out a camera and take shots or videos of us skijoring on the trails. Occasionally we will stop and discuss skijoring with interested groups; but, typically, we fly by the crowds and hear the gasps of "Oh My God" or "That is so cool" or "I want to try that" or other excited remarks from the onlookers.

With my new GoPro, I can now get shots of the crowd taking shots of us as we cruise by. Some fun shots from yesterday's outing:
Trotting by a group of 3 onlookers. The lady to the right has her video
camera out recording the event. The comment from the pair on the left,
"Oh My God - look at them go!" :-)
Fast approaching another pair of curious onlookers. I had to include this clip with fully
airborne Zorro sprinting down the trail!
Flying past the same two from the previous clip. You can see the iPhone in the lady's right hand
recording the sprinting machines. The comment I heard as I whizzed by, "I have never seen
anything so cool!
Yesterday's outing found us on Shrine Pass Rd and Lime Creek Rd in the Vail Pass Recreation Area. Max & Zorro were in "mid season form" today even though this was only our 6th outing of the season. We covered more territory on Vail Pass than we ever have in the same amount of time! We were trucking. I can hardly wait to see what "mid season form" will really be this year! A few more shots from the outing...
What a fun shot of the happy huskies! We are at our "break point" and about to get our
hot dog treats before starting back. Such good boys focusing on my every word!
A nice clip of us Max & Zorro towing me along at a nice 11-12 MPH pace.
Sorry the video is a little grainy, I'm still learning how to crop high quality
clips out of my longer GoPro videos...
[see the video on youtube if it is not loading below]

Vital Stats of Yesterday's Outing: 9.6 miles with 1400 feet of elevation gain. Top speed of 17 MPH - the terrain is still "too shallow" in snow for me to really uncork the pair and let them hit their desired top speed (too shallow meaning too dangerous to catch an exposed rock if going 20-26 MPH!)

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