Sunday, November 11, 2012

What Cold

"Cold - what cold, it's a beautiful day!" declared Max & Zorro on our chilly skijor outing today.

There was just enough snow for us to make a run up & down Boreas Pass Rd this morning.
How cold, you ask? Well, the thermometer read 2 degrees when we started at the Boreas Pass Winter Trailhead this morning. After about a mile up Boreas, the trail is exposed to winds for large sections at a time. Our route took us most of the way up Boreas, stopping just below tree line. According to the weather report on the radio, the wind chill factor put us at a cool 24 degrees BELOW zero. I could feel it, I thought it was cold - I had icicles forming on my eyebrows and eyelashes. The Siberian Huskies, you wonder? Well here's their report:

"HI! I'm having the best day!" exclaims Max with a nice icicle beard and layer of ice
atop his nose. 
"And the snow is SOOO TASTY!" slurps Zorro with a large "snow beard" after gulping a
bunch of snow to cool off.
"Cold? What Cold?" declares Max as he rolls a snow angel to cool off in the apparently
warm 24 degrees below!
What a bunch of Siberian Goofballs! Does "cold" to a Siberian even exist? I've never seen it...

Vital Stats of the outing: 9.1 mile trot up & down Boreas Pass Rd with a mild 950 feet of elevation gain.