Sunday, May 5, 2013

1000 Miles - We Did It!

Arms raised and cheering on my Siberian partners
as we finish the day surpassing 1000 miles for
the season!
We did it - today we surpassed 1000 miles skijoring for our 2012/2013 season (1001.4 miles, to be exact)!

Way back in October, I set a goal for our season as the "three 1s" meaning we wanted to try and skijor over 100,000 feet in elevation & over 100 days on the trail & over 1000 miles in total distance. At the time, Nancy told me I was crazy. I took that as a real compliment, because we all know sled dog mushers are crazy :)

Well, we did it! As of May 5th we have logged 1001.4 miles, 116 days on the trail and a whopping 133,650 feet of elevation climbed! Woohoo!

Boy did we blow away the elevation goal. I always joke that we could skijor 1500-2000 miles a season if there were any flat trails in Colorado. But, they are called the Rocky Mountains for a reason as we average almost 1200 feet of elevation gain on our outings.

See the videos of our finish and other fun shots from our landmark outing below...
Video from the front as we complete our 1000 mile season.
[watch on youtube if no video loads above]
Musher's video view as we complete our 1000 mile season.
[watch on youtube if no video loads above]

Everyone got the vibe that today was to be a short, fast & fun day as all we needed was 5.8 miles to surpass 1000. The Siberians said, "Pfft to that - we are uncorking it and doing 7.2 miles in the time it takes to do 5.8!"

Sprinting uphill and leaning into a curve to the left. It is so much fun to "fly uphill"
on skis under Siberian Power!
Happy faces looking back as I call out to "turnaround, time to head back"...
Ok, turned around... We can sprint this direction too :)
Such focus as we arrive back at the trailhead and prepare to get our "end of run" hotdog treats!
Today's quick run totaled 7.2 miles with 850 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 22 MPH.

What a season! 1001.4 miles, 116 days on the trail, 133,650 feet of elevation climbed, a top speed of 26 MPH and 2 of the happiest Siberians on earth!


  1. In her mind, Khyra lives vicariously through her Colorado counterpart Zorr!


  2. Thanks, Khyra!

    Max and Zorro