Friday, May 10, 2013

Still Going

It is May 10th and we are still going!
"Is this the year we get snow all Summer?" ask a happy Max & Zorro!
Every time we think Spring has arrived, we get a fresh dump of new snow from Mother Nature. That has been the pattern for most of April & May. Last Tuesday found the trails melting fast and then this past Wednesday & Thursday brought a new dump of snow to re-freshen the trails! So, it was off to the backcountry for Max, Zorro & I again this morning. Woohoo!

We enjoyed a great range of conditions along the trails of the South Fork of Swan Valley - as shown below:

There was a set snowmobile track as we started up from the trailhead.
But, within about 2 miles, the set track was gone and we were laying fresh tracks in
3-6 inches of snow for the rest of the route up! Fun!
Our route took us on a loop (instead of an out & back on the same trail). So, it was laying
fresh tracks most of the way down as well! Whee!
Eventually, we were back on a snowmobile track as we approached the trailhead to finish.
The temperatures were above freezing and approaching 40. You know what that means: rolling snow angels to cool off at our midpoint.
Synchronized Snow Angels. You cannot get much more synchronized than this!
The conditions were sure great today. But, the forecast is for highs in the upper 50s and 60s for the next week. So, as nice as today's pictures look, this may be our last time on skis for the season...

Tally for the day: 8.8 miles with 850 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 16 MPH (the snow was heavy, wet & sticky, so it was hard for us get going really fast). What a fun May 10th!


  1. Mom still wonders how I khan be in KholWOOrado and yet waiting fur her when she khomes home from The GKP!

    Go Zorro ;-)

    Your Snow Angel shot SO looks like me!


    1. We've been practicing the "synchronized snow angels" all season. As you can tell, practice makes perfect - we've never been as synchronized as today!

      Woos from Zorro!