Sunday, July 21, 2013

Annual "Breck to Copper"

Today was our annual hike from Breckenridge, up & over Breckenridge Ski Resort and down the backside of Breck to Copper Ski Resort.
Taking a break to pose for pictures at Wheeler Summit. This summit is at 12,400 feet and
takes you between peaks 8 & 9 of the Breckenridge Ski Resort.
We do this hike once a summer, having a great time scaling up Breckenridge Ski Resort and then a wild ride down the steep backside to arrive at Copper Ski Resort. Today's configuration of the hike traversed 10.4 miles with 2500 feet of elevation gain and 2700 feet of elevation descent.

A fun compilation of pictures from the big hike below:

Max & Zorro stalking a furry little rodent off the side of the trail.
In the upper center of the picture is Peak 8 - we will be very close to the top of this peak
before we start the hike down the backside...
The Siberian Highlight of the trip is always finding snow high up on Peak 9.
Max is entering into one of his patented snow angels while Zorro is doing his patented
"chomping down on snow cones".
Frisky Zorro hopping up & down in the fun snow as Max begins another snow angel roll.
The far right of picture is the top of Peak 8 - we are quite a bit closer than 2 pictures ago!
On top of the world - it was a cool & breezy Siberian Paradise!
And down we begin... You can see the upper runs of Copper Ski Resort to the left center
of this picture. It turns into a very steep hike down until we meet with these ski runs at
the base of Copper.
A great time had by all! :-)

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