Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Crystal Lakes

A great hike today to both the Lower and Upper Crystal Lakes.

8.5 miles roundtrip with 2000 feet of elevation climbed. Lots of water, a little snow and a surprise skeleton. Photo highlights below:

"I smell something yummy - do you see it?" asks Max.
"I do, I do - I do see something yummy!" demonstrates Zorro.
What is that hanging from the dead tree.....
Yes - that really is an actual skeleton (spine & ribs) of some animal hanging from atop
this dead tree! Max & Zorro wanted to check the ribs for any leftover meat :-)
One of our many long & deep water crossings of the day. Max loves water, so you know he
will happily trot through the freezing creek. Zorro does not like water. But, sometimes you have
a choice: get wet and keep going or no going. Keep going always wins for Zorro. So, trotting
through the freezing water we go...
Approaching Lower Crystal Lake in the center of this photo. I have used the little cabin to the
right to "huddle inside and thaw out" when skijoring this trail and encountering extreme winds.
And this water crossing is even deeper than the one above. What to do...
"KEEP GOING!" exclaims Zorro as he proceeded to plug his nose and hop in to keep trucking.
"Ah, snow bath!" says Zorro.
"Yum, snow cones!" says Max.
Approaching Upper Crystal Lake and almost to the top of Crystal Peak!
We are just over 13,000 feet elevation at this point.
Upper Crystal Lake behind us and an old cabin next to us.
"Look -walls! Can we move in here?" asks happy Max.
"Look marmots - free food!" says fixated Zorro.

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