Thursday, January 30, 2014

Powder Day

We awoke to over a foot of new snow at home. You know what that means...
Trail Breaking Powder Day!!!!!

Serious trail breaking up the Sally Barber Mine Trail.
Look at the trough behind Zorro to realize we are busting through 15 inches or more!

We are in the middle of a multi-day storm that is promising to dump up to 30 inches of snow on Breckenridge. Well, we had a foot of snow at home this morning, we were in 15+ inches of snow on the trails all day and it is still snowing! 30 inches - bring it on!!! Wheeee!

Another good view of the "snow troughs" behind my trail breaking partners!
"Woo - this is a WORKOUT; but we LOVE it!" say the happy Siberians as they look
back while pausing to catch their breath.
Sometimes it is hard to really see the depth of the snow in the pictures from behind. Here is
a great view of Max restarting after the happy pause above. Tall Max is busting through snow
deeper than his long legs! This is easily 15-18 inches of trail breaking work - impressive!

Sometimes the human needs to stop momentarily for equipment adjustments, gps checks or other silly excuses. Max is always quick to tell me what he thinks of "human induced stops"...

"BOOOORING! BOOOOORING!!! How much longer?!?" says Max who always gives me a
huge yawn if the "human induced stop" is taking too long.
"Seriously? I mean SERIOUSLY?!? How much longer?" says intense Zorro (he does not
give me the verbal, like Max, but the intense stare says it all :-)

A day of absolute extreme trail breaking. Not much mileage but about as aerobic an outing as you can get: 6.4 miles with 400 feet of elevation climbed and 15+ inches almost the entire day!

2013/2014 Season to Date: 79 days on the trails covering 681.8 miles with 80,100 feet of elevation climbed.

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