Thursday, February 27, 2014


Today was a trifecta of milestones for our 2013/2014 Skijoring Season:
(1) 100th day on the trails.
(2) Surpassing 850 miles (856.6 to be exact).
(3) Surpassing 100,000 feet of elevation climbed (100,150 to be exact).

"All 100 outings have been fantastic!" say the happy pair, "We can't wait to see what
March, April and (hopefully) May have in store for us!"

We needed some good elevation on today's outing to reach the trifecta point. So, we went to our favorite "work, run, work" network of trails. This network requires a lot of work (and elevation) to reach, with a super fast sprint track as the reward, and then a lot of work (and elevation) to get out...

A slippery wind-made shelf on the way in. Notice everyone leaning to the right to keep
from sliding down the slope to the left.
Laying fresh tracks as we trot by an old abandoned mining cabin. Another quick
left & right and we will be on the groomed sprint track.

The reward for the hard work to start the outing is a 2.5 mile groomed sprint track in the middle of the forest. Here is a fun section of open trail along this track with gentle rolling ups & downs as the GPS clocked us at 24 MPH.
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

Once done with the 2.5 mile sprint, it is then a climb out of the forest and back to the trailhead.
Following a snowshoe trail out of the sprint track.
Still climbing out of the sprint track but blazing our own trail at this point.

A nice "work, run, work" day covering 7.8 miles with 1350 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 24 MPH.

2013/2014 Season to Date: 100 days on the trails covering 856.6 miles with 100,150 feet of elevation climbed - a trifecta of milestones on the day!

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