Friday, February 3, 2017


Stretching the limits of the "Wide Angle GoPro" while rolling snow angels this morning:
At the extreme limits of both the wide angle of the GoPro and the gangline as Max & Zorro
take an opportunity to roll dual snow angels.
The general theme of today's skijor outing... Chatterboxes! For some reason Max & Zorro were really into conducting conversations as we flew along the trails. Oftentimes, excessive chatter leads to unapproved wrestling on the trail. Not today, though, as it was just a constant chatter back & forth :)

Here we go with some of the chatter shots...
"Hey bro - wassup?!?" say Max & Zorro to each other as we fly along.
Notice they are both in an airborne sprint while conversing - talented!
When it was not "dual chatter", it was one talking to the other...
"Hey little bro - did you know you are an airborne flying z-ball?!?" says Max to Zorro.
Outside of the "Max talk" notice that, once again, we are flying along as Zorro is in a fast
sprint-tuck and Max in a fast sprint-stretch.
Most of the chatter was both ways, all outing long... Goofballs...
"What are YOU looking at?!?" yell Max & Zorro at each other as we, once again, are in a
chatter filled sprint along the trail.
As you see above, it was fast & chattery on the lower and middle French Gulch Trail. Eventually we out-skied set tracks and had a little powder fun. Here we are at our turnaround point deep in the gulch:
"Having a great day; and what's wrong with a little sprint conversing?!?" says happy Max.
"Turn, really? But I see miles of untouched snow to go!" declares intense Zorro.

A mostly "fast & chattery" morning with a little high elevation powder mixed in: 8.3 miles traveled with 1000 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 22 MPH.

2016/2017 Season to Date: 73 days on the trails covering 585.4 miles with 62,900 feet of elevation climbed.

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