Friday, March 17, 2017


"Caution?!? What a silly word!" say Max & Zorro.
Out-stretched & sprinting Max & Zorro as we fly by a CAUTION sign along the trail.
What a silly and unnecessary word :)
We were on the trails at Swan Valley this morning. So, you know what that means: running, playing and flirting with the dog sled teams from Good Times Adventures. Fun!

Paused on a side trail to watch a team go by on the main trail:
"Hi friends! Can we come with?" say Max & Zorro to the 6 dog team trotting by. Good Times runs
a mix of 6 and 8 dog teams; so clearly Max & Zorro know there is room for them to join this
6 dog team :)
The most fun is always getting behind a sled team and playing "dog sled chase"...
"Here we come! Zoom!" demonstrate Max & Zorro as you can see the musher and 6 dog team
on the trail in front of us.
Today's short video clip starts with Max & Zorro the "bucking broncos" wanting to GO as I have my skis perpendicular to the trail trying my hardest to hold them back. There is a dog team paused a little bit in front and to the right of us. I needed all my strength to keep Max & Zorro stopped until this team starts and I FINALLY (say Max & Zorro) release us into a fun game of chase. Wheeee!
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

Zooming around Swan Valley with dog sled teams: 8.8 miles traveled with 800 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 24 MPH.

2016/2017 Season to Date: 105 days on the trails covering 873.0 miles with 93,300 feet of elevation climbed.

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