Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Jack Mile

Jack skijored his first mile this morning! Woo Hoo, way to go Jack!
"I had a BLAST!" declares happy Jack.
"Yes, fun, but eating snowcones to cool off now!' declares Zorro.
"Hey big bro, what are you eating?" questions little Rudy (who has not discovered the
art of eating snowcones yet :)
Before hooking up Jack for his first 1+ mile skijor, Zorro and I did a quick 4.5 mile skijor out & back at Breckenridge Nordic Center:
Zipping along with Z, Wheeee!
Jack actually got to experience two skijor milestones today. The first, of course, going over one mile in distance. The second was experiencing "off trail" skijoring through tight trails in the forest. The next photo may look innocent; but bringing a young pup on his first weave through the forest is a milestone. Think of all the potential to go off trail and into the trees! But, no, Jack was perfect and kept in step with Zorro, following the narrow single track.
It is perfect skijoring form when you can barely tell where one sled dog ends and the other
starts! Shoulder to shoulder perfection!
The reward for being perfect on "off trail" single tracks? Well, then you get to open it up on the wide & fast main trail. Zoom...
Young Jack flooring it as Zorro jogs along letting Jack set the pace (Zorro is still much faster
than Jack if he floors it himself :)
Being Jack's longest skijor in his young life, we made sure to take 2 quick breaks along the way. Jack let me know he was having a blast at each pause:
"This is fun, no need to stop!" declares happy Jack.
"You need to learn to eat snowcones to cool your jets at break points!" declares snow eating Zorro.
A fun day and young Jack is really coming along, right Zorro:
"Yes, yes, fun all around!" declares ecstatic Zorro.
A fun 5.7 mile skijor outing: 4.5 with Zorro and then 1.2 with Zorro and Jack. Zorro's top speed: 20 MPH. Jack's top speed: 16 MPH! A total elevation gain of 700 feet.

2017/2018 Season to Date: 44 days on the trails covering 312.2 miles with 28,500 feet of elevation climbed.

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