Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Miss You Max

Many followers of this blog also follow our adventures via Nancy's Facebook page, so you know the sad news.

For those of you who have not heard... Our beloved Max passed away on October 18.

This was shocking and came from "out of nowhere". At our annual Vet checkup in June, Max was deemed to be in perfect health. The first week of October, he was "fit, trim & happy" and skijoring in the early season snow. But, on Oct 11th, Max started acting a bit sluggish. On the 13th he was diagnosed with a fast spreading cancer in his liver and spleen. On Oct 18th, he was taken into emergency surgery at the CSU Canine Cancer Center in Fort Collins, CO. He did not make it out of surgery as the cancer had spread too far.

We put together a tribute to Max's incredible personality and life - Max: Feb 17, 2007 - Oct 18, 2017.

We miss him so much and still struggle to believe that he was taken from us so suddenly and so much sooner than we ever expected.

Zorro and I will continue to skijor this season. Obviously, our outings will be less frequent and not nearly as far as he and Max were able to tow me as a team. But, Zorro and I still love the snow and will dedicate all of our outings to our "gone but not forgotten" leader Max.


  1. I´m so sorry for sad news :( Are you going to get a new dog? I hope Zorro is okay!

  2. Hi Paula, you can read about our new puppy Jack on today's new blog!