Thursday, May 14, 2020

Short Run

We only had time for a short skijor this morning so Rudy took objection to my pausing and wasting time on the trails :)
"YAWN - BORING! C'mon man, let's get GOING!" declares Rudy giving me
a protest yawn for stopping :)
"I'm always polite and cooperative!" adds happy and always listening to me Jack :)
We started the morning with the youngsters, Jack & Rudy, to get some fast & quick exercise for the kids before adding elder Zorro in the team for the finish.

The best stretch of trail we found this morning was following a line of power poles. The snow was just firm enough and smooth enough to open up throttle in the power line. Wheeee!
Opening up the skijor engine as we follow the power lines overhead and
poles down the middle.
At our turnaround point of the morning, we got extra comedy from Rudy and the usual comedy from Jack. The turnaround started with Rudy's "yawn of protest" above. I then knelt down to send Nancy a text of our planned arrival. I think Jack & Rudy thought I was kneeling to roll a snow angel as they both came in close to join what they perceived to be the start of a group snow angel :)
"Sorry kids, I'm just kneeling, not laying to roll!" I said.
"Group snow roll - incoming!" declares goofy Rudy and he flopped right
at my knees to start his own angel.
"C'mon dad - you know you want to! Group roll!!!" adds goofy Jack.
Despite all the encouragement from Jack & Rudy, I did not drop all the way to the ground to roll with them. "Oh well, then let's GO instead!' suggested the kids. So, back upright and off we went:
Zipping along a fast & fun straightaway!
After giving the youngsters some quick exercise, it was time to join with elder Zorro for a group run to the finish. Wheeee!
Look at all that power from the sled dog trio!!!
A short but fun run this morning with the usual comedy antics from the kids: 4.2 miles traveled with 450 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 18 MPH.

2019/2020 Season to Date: 170 days on the trails covering 1161.3 miles with 106,550 feet of elevation climbed.

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