Thursday, May 7, 2020


Jack and Rudy practicing & perfecting "rolling synchronized snow angels" :)
Synchronized snow angels.
Synchronized comical, young goofballs :)
Don't tell Jack & Rudy that the Olympics have been canceled this year - they are convinced "synchronized snow angels" is a real event and they are aiming for gold :)

Aside from practicing (and perfecting) synchronized snow angels, we decided to skijor this morning too. We started with elder Zorro in the team on the Buffalo Park Trail at Rabbit Ears Pass. The beginning of Buffalo Park is a vast & wide meadow. The meadow was completely snow covered with a solid spring crust to start the morning. The surface was a little bumpy (from repeated thaw every day and refreeze every night); but was still perfect for May 7th. Zorro, Jack & Rudy decided to make use of the wide terrain by testing the left-to-right limits of the gangline:
This is just about as far apart at the trio can get within the
confines of their gangline. How polite of them to separate wide
so as to provide a wide angle view of the terrain as well :)
We did a short "out & back" with Zorro for the initial leg of the outing. Once we turned around, everyone pulled in tight to make the most use of our leg with Zorro!
Back together as the fast & tight team as Zorro takes the middle to lead
us to the end of his portion of the skijor.
Zorro was "all smiles" as we ended his stint and was happy to stay behind with Nancy while the youngsters, Jack & Rudy, took me on an extended "out & back" at Buffalo Park. Here is an absolutely stunning and unbelievably cool shot of "May 7th at Buffalo Park":
The conditions - wow! Snow covered & firm crust as far as the eye can see!
The youngsters - cool! Flying Jack on the left with hovering Rudy to the right.
Come along for today's video highlight from Jack & Rudy and watch the mature kids who have just about mastered skijoring. We start out in the shade on a well-packed and somewhat bumpy snowmobile trail. The youngsters are galloping along keeping the speeds to a minimum as the terrain is a bit tough on me. Eventually we transition out of the shade and onto wide open terrain. Watch as I glide right onto much smoother snow. With smooth conditions, I am able to put the skis parallel and the kids "feel" this release and proceed to FLOOR it on the wide open trail. Smart guys!
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

Those are some pretty incredible photos and cool video for May 7th. But, we must admit that summer is really hovering just around the corner. The "signs of summer" will start to show more and more as we proceed through May - boo! But, YAY for such incredible conditions for this morning's May 7th.
Oh my - those "signs of summer" to our right as a fast flowing
"snow melt river" is rushing by!
Back to the trailhead and time to rejoin forces with Zorro for well-deserved 'end of run' treats:
"Me first - ready!" declares Zorro.
"Me next!' adds focused Jack.
"Whee, I'm happy, happy number three!' says patiently waiting Rudy!
A wonderful morning to skijor Buffalo Park at Rabbit Ears Pass: 7.3 miles traveled with 600 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 21 MPH.

2019/2020 Season to Date: 165 days on the trails covering 1129.2 miles with 103,100 feet of elevation climbed.

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