Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Exercise Before Turkey

Max & Zorro blazing fresh tracks up Boreas
A delayed post... We did a "pre turkey" outing last Monday (Nov 22nd) before hitting the road for a Thanksgiving holiday full of food, food food.

A nice snowfall Sunday left us with some fresh powder on Boreas Pass. We did our 9 to 10 mile route most of the way up Boreas. After the first 20ish minutes we had out skied existing tracks and we were the fresh powder trailblazers for the next 50 minutes up Boreas. The powder was about 3 inches the first 2/3 of the route until we passed Bankers Tank. Wind blowing through Bakers Tank left us with 1 foot drifts to plow through! After Bakers Tank, the fresh powder kept getting deeper - reaching 6, then 8 and up to 10 inches for trailblazing fun!
Fresh, untouched powder on the trail ahead of us!

Top speed on this tour: 13 MPH.

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