Saturday, November 20, 2010

French Gulch & Sally Barber Mine Tour

Max, Zorro and I approaching Sally Barber Rd/Barney Ford TH.
Last Thursday we did a variation of our Sally Barber Mine Tour from Monday. Another "short tour" (just over 1 hour) visiting more of French Gulch Trail and then Sally Barber Mine.

Wednesday and early Thu were sunny leaving French Gulch Road with too many exposed dirt patches to ski. So, we started at the French Gulch Winter Trailhead.

The Route: French Gulch Winter Trailhead up French Gulch Trail for just over 1 mile; back down French Gulch Trail until the Sally Barber Trail junction; up Sally Barber Trail past Sally Barber Mine and down to Sally Barber Road at the Barney Ford Trailhead.
Vital Stats: 5.1 miles; 1h 20m total (1h 10m moving); 4.4 MPH moving average; 15 MPH top speed.

The snow was getting a bit "sticky" on French Gulch (thus our slower than normal 4.4 MPH average). Anxious for some new powder (a storm is rolling tonight!)....

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