Sunday, November 14, 2010

Up & Back on Boreas Pass

The skijoring season is officially ON in the Colorado High Country. On Saturday morning we headed out to conquer Boreas Pass Rd from Breckenridge.

The conditions, for mid-November, could not have been better. After about 30 minutes we had "out skied" all the existing tracks, meaning we were the "fresh track trailblazers" in a mecca of 4-8 inches of untouched fluffy powder.
A look back at our fresh tracks!
A look ahead at our fresh/untouched powder!
Here we go: Siberian Husky Heaven
The view from our break at the Boreas Pass Summit.
Do not ask how Max & Zorro got reversed into left/right position (we run with Max in the right slot since he is the listener/lead and I can control best with my right paying attention). When stopped, the "houdini duo" can swap slots in the blink of an eye (don't worry, they hold their assigned slots when moving ;-)
Taking a break at the Boreas Pass Summit.
Frolicking in the snow (apparently I was the only one tired after 6 miles of  nonstop up!)

The Trip: 6 miles up (Boreas Winter Trailhead to Section House at the Boreas Summit) and then 6 miles down.
The Duration: 3 hours total - 2.5 hours moving, 1/2 hour stop time (giving the human a rest at the Summit and posing for a group photo with some snowshoe tourists we encountered on the way down). A 4.8 MPH moving average - pretty good for our first 3 hour outing of the season.
Top Speed: 15 MPH. On the way down we were passed by 3 snowmobilers. Zorro's "Husky Rule #1" is "NONE shall pass." He and a perfectly willing Max broke into a dead sprint to keep up with the snowmobiles - we hit 15 MPH in 3-4 inches of powder while in chase.

And, there's fresh powder again this morning - if only the human was not still recovering from yesterday's 3 hour exercise adventure...


  1. GORGEOUS pictures! Can we come over?!?! We're ready for the snow! Oddly, our bipeds aren't. Go figure!
    Tail wags,

  2. Silly bipeds! Tell them to get on skis, keep quiet and HANG ON!