Monday, January 31, 2011

Approaching 150 Miles for the Season

Zorro posing for a
"pretty sled dog" shot
Last day of January and we hit the trails for an Indiana Creek winter trailhead to Boreas Pass winter trailhead skijor outing.

This outing closed January with our season ski total hitting 146.6 miles! At one time, my "season goal" was 250 miles - that is trivial, we will certainly crush that milestone. Our new, revised goal is to reach 400 miles for the season - now that's a challenge!

The Route: Indiana Creek winter trailhead to & past the Dyersville junction and up to Boreas Pass Rd; then down Boreas Pass Rd to the Boreas winter trailhead.

The Conditions: packed to packed powder the entire route - we are in need of some fresh powder on the trails which Mother Nature is sending our way today!

Vital Stats: 8.4 miles; 1h 45m total; 90m moving time; 5.6 MPH moving average; 16 MPH top speed.
A view "down Boreas Pass Rd": partly cloudy, lots of blue sky.
A 180 of the previous shot - looking "up Boreas Pass Rd":
snow is a coming! woo hoo for fresh powder!
Max & Zorro's input: let's go "up Boreas into the snowstorm!"
The human chose otherwise and we sprinted down Boreas.
Max & Zorro forgave me and accepted "the sprint" option.

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