Monday, January 24, 2011

Cruising on Boreas

Max & Zorro "shoulder to shoulder"
as we cruise up the established path
on Boreas.
Sunday, Fun day - Max, Zorro and I hit Boreas Pass Rd for a skijor treat Sunday morning.

Conditions (as you can infer from the picture to the left): the conditions were light powder (2-4 inches) on well established trails up Boreas Pass Rd - most of the route found us in this type of established trail with the "snow wall" up to shoulder high on Max and Zorro. As we reached the upper elevations (the last mile or so) the trail became less established but still visible in 3-6 inches of powder.

The Route: the Boreas Pass winter trailhead, up Boreas Pass Rd for about 5.6 miles; (rest the human); and then return down Boreas Pass Rd to the winter trailhead. We turned around short of the Boreas Summit since as we approached tree line the wind was picking up and the human was outfitted in wicking wear, not wind wear ;-)

Vital Stats: 11.2 miles; 2h 35m total; 2h 10m moving; 5.2 MPH moving average; 11 MPH top speed (e.g., it was 2+ hours of consistent cruising, not much sprinting).
The view from our high/turnaround point.
Beautiful, serene, untouched snow everywhere!
Max taking a "snow break" at our high point.
Notice how deep the snow is just off the trail (and how high a "snow wall" we created on the trail).
A look back at our tracks leading to our high point.
Max & Zorro say, "look at all this untouched powder! Let's go this way!"
The return approach to the Boreas winter trailhead.
Happy, smiling, sprinting, airborne Siberians - Husky Heaven!

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