Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cruising Indiana Creek & Boreas

Max says, "Best way to 'cool off' is to roll around
in the snow!"
Saturday morning found Max, Zorro and I hitting the trails to skijor from the Indiana Creek trailhead up to Boreas Pass Rd and then down to the Boreas winter trailhead.

Conditions were: (1) packed powder from the Indiana Creek trailhead to the Dyersville junction; (2) powder from the Dyersville junction to Boreas Pass Rd; and then (3) packed powder down Boreas Pass Rd to the Boreas trailhead.

These conditions meant a fast-paced route as we ascended from Indiana Creek to Boreas in 55 minutes (climbing over 1200 feet elevation in 3.3 miles)!

Vital Stats: 8.4 miles; 1h 55m total time; 95m moving time; 5.3 MPH average; 13 MPH top speed.

Top "wish I had a wearable camcorder" moment: as we were climbing up Indiana Creek a misinformed squirrel hopped off a low tree branch, onto the trail and sprinted about 15-20 yards up the trail (before finally getting informed and getting off the tail). The skijor engine (Max & Zorro) kicked it into overdrive and I was in a "downhill tuck" going uphill!  Woo!
Nice shot of the surrounding scenery as we transitioned onto Boreas Pass Road.
Our "fresh tracks" path as we ascended up to Boreas Pass Road.

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