Monday, January 14, 2013

Siberian Lecture

I got a serious Siberian Lecture today at the trailhead!
Max "wooing up a storm" at the trailhead. He had a lot to tell me about the situation and
lack of recent skijoring exercise - details & video below...
Ok, let me set the background first...
1) Our last skijoring outing was Friday. "Oh my Dog, we missed Sat & Sun!" is Max & Zorro's position.
2) Both Nancy & I were under the weather on Sat & Sun, so all the exercise poor Max & Zorro got on those days was a silly 1 hour waddle (walk) from Nancy on Sat and similar little waddle with me on Sun.
3) Toss in the fact that Sat & Sun were "Siberian Beautiful" (highs in the single digits and lows near 10 below).
4) It was 11 below at 8am today (we typically start our skijoring outings by 9am), so I waited until 11am (and 3 below) to hit the trails today. "We are usually DONE, home and happily reflecting on the day well before 11am!" say poor Max & Zorro.

And, finally, the real topper to the last 4 points... Nancy was still not feeling well, so I took Max & Zorro to the trailhead myself. You have to understand our typical outing to get the significance of this. Typically, Nancy comes along as our "handler" - she takes Max & Zorro out of the Jeep when we get to the trailhead and lets them stretch their legs while I prepare my equipment for the outing. Ok, back to today - it was just the 3 of us at the trailhead, so Max & Zorro had to wait in the Jeep while I took a Siberian Eternity to get my equipment (boots & skis) and then prep the rest of my equipment with them watching from the back of the Jeep.

So, what happened - well, Max was quite opinionated about this non-standard situation, "Look how late it is? Where's Mom? Why am I still in the Jeep? What are you doing? What was that Sat/Sun waddlefest - SIBERIAN ABUSE? HURRY UP - my bones are rotting! Let's GO!" is what I heard from Max the entire time he was trapped in the Jeep at the trailhead - what a crack up, listen below:

Max talking up a storm at the trailhead - so opinionated about the recent days' events!
Occasionally Zorro pipes in with his high-pitched opinion as well. Oh my, what a vocal
pair of cooped up skijoring beasts! NOTE: turn your volume all the way up to really
hear the lecture!
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

Once I finally, got my stuff together and unloaded everyone from the Jeep, it was a Siberian Sprint Day! "Been cooped up for 3 days! Been trapped in that Jeep for 100 years! We may never skijor again, must get it ALL in today!" was the consensus from my partners. To nobody's surprise, here's what the GPS clocked us at on the trail today:
Hitting a fast 24 MPH skijoring in French Gulch today. Wheee!
And, yes, we only went a piddly 6.9 miles today - I am still getting over my bug and did not want to push it and relapse. "Oh, the Siberian Abuse continues!"  :-)

Hitting a cool 24 MPH on the trail today. I tell you, it's dangerous to let these two
be cooped up for 2 days in the height of winter!  :-)
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

Stats for the day: 6.9 miles, 800 feet of elevation climbed, 24 MPH top speed and a full blown Siberian Lecture at the trailhead!


  1. I think Zero and I are kindred spirits!

    Sometimes my mom wonders how I got to KholWOOrado!




  2. Khyra - Zorro says there is plenty of snow to share. Wooooooooo!