Monday, January 21, 2013

Steep Day

The themes of today's skijor outing were "steep" and "climbing" as we ascended around 1700 feet in a short 6.5 mile outing. About 4 miles of the outing was uphill, with a quick 2.5 miles of downhill. A lot of Siberian power needed to haul me uphill!
Feet in unison as the Siberian pair help propel me up a packed snowmobile trail with
a trace of fresh snow cover.
While the entire outing can be classified as "steep", we did transition through a range of trail conditions, as shown below:
About 60% of the trail followed this pattern: an existing snowmobile track with a trace to
no snow cover. 
About 30% of the trail followed this pattern: 2-4 inches of untouched snow on an
existing packed track.
And, finally, about 10% of the outing was breaking trail in 8+ inches of untouched snow.
Uphill & deep trail breaking - that is a real Siberian workout!
Overall, an impressive climbing day (1700 feet ascended), a modest distance day (6.5 miles) and a moderate speed day (16 MPH top speed). Elevation really makes for an energetic short run!

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