Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Record May

This morning concluded our record May for miles: 168.2 miles of skijoring!
"And what a FUN May it has been!" exclaim the happy pair at our turnaround point.

May is the "shoulder season" of skijoring in Colorado, so you are not supposed to log tons of miles. Well, Max & Zorro laughed at that supposition and proceeded to tow me for 168.2 miles for the month - our record number of May miles!

We celebrated this final day of May by skijoring around the ears of Rabbit Ears Pass...

(1) Zipping along with the ears visible far away:
Zoom we go. The ears are the two rocks atop Rabbit Ears Peak visible directly up and
forward from Zorro. In fact, I believe Zorro's ears are completely inline with the rock ears!

(2) Getting a little closer...
Cruising up a slight rise in the trail as the two ears are even more clear (forward, up and slightly
to the left of Max).

(3) Even closer... Surprisingly the ears are not as clear in this closer shot than the previous. As we got closer & closer to Rabbit Ears Peak, the ears started to blend in with the trees as our view angle was too steep.
Closest shot with the ears still visible. We got even closer than this shot but the ears were
no longer discernible given our angle.

Finally, Max & Zorro's highlight of the day - Moose Tracks!!!!
"Ears, schmears - a MOOSE has walked by here recently!" declared the moose track
sniffing pair!

A great way to close out a record May: 8.2 miles traveled with 750 of elevation climbed and a top speed of 18 MPH.

2015/2016 Season to Date: 148 days on the trails covering 1244.1 miles with 135,700 feet of elevation climbed.

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