Monday, November 21, 2016


Fun day getting creative to be on "safe snow" atop Rabbit Ears Pass.
"Having a GREAT day!' exclaim my happy partners looking back at me for direction
at a trail junction.

It was a dry & warm Fri-Sun at Rabbit Ears and the main trails are still under heavy use by 4WD hunting vehicles in the area. These "main trails" were too deteriorated for safe skijoring, so my partners and I decided to explore as much "side terrain" as possible. It was a success!

We found a couple of less popular side trails that had been driven on only once or twice. This made for a fun "packed track"...
Gliding behind Max in a deep tire track as Zorro trots in his own track.

Another light use side trail, this time gliding behind Zorro as Max takes his own track.

We only found a couple of "seldom used" side trails; but found quite a few unused one - yay!
Laying fresh tracks as we set our own track along an unused side trail!

Eventually we ran out of side trails (seldom used or unused); but we were still having fun. So... invent our own trail through fields of snow - wheeee!
No trail, but certainly enough snow for me to glide on skis while Max & Zorro decide on
what would be a fun route.

A fun "make your own trails" stroll atop Rabbit Ears: 7.1 miles traveled with 650 feet of elevation climbed.

Good News: the forecast is for 4-10 inches overnight and into tomorrow. Just what we need to refresh our trails and get some serious mileage!

2016/2017 Season to Date: 13 days on the trails covering 87 miles with 8700 feet of elevation climbed.

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