Sunday, November 20, 2016

Wind Sprints

We found a handful of packed trails without the danger of exposed rocks atop Rabbit Ears Pass this morning. A fun outing with many wind sprints!
"Love speed! Zoom!" whispers Max to Zorro as we uncork the skijoring engine along
an open sprint track. 

Here is a fun video clip of one of our wind sprints. You may see some scary "brownness" around us; but there was enough snow pack for us to comfortably open up the skijor throttle. Wheeee!
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

What is better than wind sprints? Maybe laying fresh tracks. Although, I think it is a tie for Max & Zorro - they love "speed tracks" as much as "fresh tracks" :)
"Aahhh, tickling our toes in a trail of untouched snow!" declare the happy pair.

A great day had by all:
"Yes! We had a blast!" exclaim my happy partners looking back at our midpoint turnaround point.

A mix of good & sketchy conditions atop Rabbit Ears; but enough good for 8.2 miles with 800 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 19 MPH.

2016/2017 Season to Date: 11 days on the trails covering 79.9 miles with 8050 feet of elevation climbed.

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