Sunday, November 6, 2016

Loveland Pass

Taking the dog sled out to tour Loveland Pass!
Discussing the day's fun at the Loveland Pass Sign after completing the morning run.
"What fun! What fun!' Max is telling me.
"Had a blast, but.... there's other people here! Must monitor!" declares always nosy Zorro.

I was up early this morning and discovered that, to my surprise, Loveland Pass was reporting 5 inches of fresh snow. Well, 5 inches meant we must go! The only downside of Loveland is the extremely steep and rocky terrain. Not enough snow (and, thus, too many exposed rocks) to use skis, so we took out the dog sled to trot up, down and around Loveland.

After some extremely steep climbing to start the outing, we got onto a wonderful plateau to cruise around in the fresh snow! Wheeee!
Laying fresh tracks in the day's new snow atop a plateau at Loveland Pass.
Such a fun shot!

We toured around this upper plateau for a couple of miles before starting back down. Here's a fun shot of us trotting along in the "sled track" we set on the way into the plateau.
"Set your own track to get speed on the way back!" declare smart Max & Zorro.

5 inches is enough snow to bring out Max's favorite snow antic:
"Aahhhh - rolling snow angels! Love snow angels!" demonstrates silly Max.
"What a goofball! But I'm having a great time too!" declares happy Zorro.

The steepness of Loveland lead to a shorter than normal outing; but no complaints from any of us! 4.1 miles traveled with 950 feet of elevation climbed.

2016/2017 Season to Date: 9 days on the trails covering 58.0 miles with 5950 feet of elevation climbed.


  1. Amazing view! I can only dream of mountains here in Finland :O

    1. The mountains are amazing here; but they sure can add "effort" to a skijor or dog sled outing :)