Friday, January 27, 2017


Doing our two favorite things at Vail Pass this morning: Flirting & Flying!

Vail Pass has some great terrain, awesome views and a perfect morning sun to catch a shot of Max & Zorro catching air:
The Siberian Skijoring Hovercraft at its best! Wheeee!
Vail Pass has a network of backcountry huts that people ski/snowshoe into, stay the night and then ski/snowshoe back the next day. Max & Zorro love to tour the huts and flirt with the crowds. They are always such a big hit with the hutters...
Encountering a snowshoer trekking out of the hut system. She LOVED meeting Max & Zorro.
As you see, Max loved it too!
"Ahh, yeah, rub the ears - love it!" says docile Max.
"Hey, let me in!!!" pokes jealous Zorro (she did give Zorro a nice rub too :)
Not to worry, Zorro, just continue a little further and you'll get to flirt first this time:
"Ahhh, yeah, Max was right - rub the ears!" says docile Zorro with the hutters hands rubbing both
ears. "Hey, what's in the bag?" asks nosey Max (you have to bring your own food in/out of the
huts, so I am sure the bag smelled delicious).
You can see one of the huts in front of us - a beautiful looking building albeit without
electricity, running water or heat (except wood burning stoves).

Flirting done, back to the other favorite activity at Vail Pass - flying! Watch as we speed along the terrain. Vail Pass has miles & miles of this type of wide open speed track!
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

A final parting shot - winter wonderland:
Cresting on the Shrine Pass Snowshoe Trail.
Pretty white covered trees, white terrain as far as the eye can see and a picture perfect
blue sky - nice! Oh yeah, notice the snowmobile cruising along to our front/left too :)

Flirting & Flying - what a fun day: 9.2 miles traveled with 1000 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 24 MPH.

2016/2017 Season to Date: 68 days on the trails covering 540.5 miles with 57,600 feet of elevation climbed.

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