Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Two Feet

Breaking trail in 1-2 feet of snow on Baldy Mountain this morning!
All smiles as Max is leading Zorro through about a foot of fresh powder.
I took the opportunity to ski next to them to get a nice happy face shot :)
We were breaking trail up Baldy Mountain all morning and then rode back down in the track we set. The "shallowest" snow we encountered was about 12 inches deep while the deepest we encountered was over 2 feet in depth. What a trail breaking day.

When we are doing "extreme trail breaking", Max & Zorro will situate themselves single file and take turns being the one in lead doing the most work.
At least 18 inches deep in this shot as Max sets the trail for all of us to follow.
Max, with his long legs, will always start in front when we are breaking trail in deep snow. But, even Max's long legs can get tired and he will let Zorro hop in front for a while.
Okay little Zorro, your turn to set the trail!
Here is a rare photo for you...
Where are Max & Zorro?
What happened in the previous photo? Well, when it is this deep for extended miles, eventually Max & Zorro will push me to the front to share in the trail breaking work. Max & Zorro are riding behind me in my ski tracks while I take a turn at doing the heavy work. When we are in this configuration, Max & Zorro get single file behind me as they "take a break" riding in my ski tracks. But, by their standards, I am SLOW! So, which ever one of them that is directly behind me will constantly head butt my legs trying to get me to speed up. Such a useless human...

Both of them quickly rest & recharge when behind the slow human and one or both will push me out of the way after a short while to put a real workhorse back in front. Our distribution of "who is breaking trail in lead" was about 55-60% Max, 35-40% Zorro and at most 5% me, the ridiculously slow human :)

We kept ourselves to a short outing this morning since we knew it was going to be lots of aerobic trail breaking work: 4.7 miles traveled in 1-2 feet of snow with 800 feet of elevation climbed.

2016/2017 Season to Date: 56 days on the trails covering 431.1 miles with 45,400 feet of elevation climbed.

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