Monday, January 29, 2018


Happy Zorro towing me to the finish as Jealous Jack wants to be hooked up too!!! :)
"Wheeee, come with meeee!" says happy Zorro as we finish the morning's run.
"But what about meeeeeee?!?!?!?!" expresses jealous Jack.
We do not hookup Jack for every skijor finish as he is still a growing puppy. He gets to do his "50 yard Jack Dash" about once a week as he continues to grow. But, he WANTS to come with every single time :)  Yesterday morning we were on the busy trails at Swan Valley (busy with dog sled teams and snowmobiles), so it was Jack's day off to instead walk around the trails and watch the dog sled teams (and Zorro). Believe me, all this observing wears the puppy out!

Yesterday morning's run came along with lots of teasers until finally success...

We found a set of fresh moose tracks (and moose droppings) on the trail and followed them until they drifted off into the forest. Zorro's intensity told me how fresh the tracks were; but, alas, no moose sighting...

We found a cluster of fresh elk tracks (and elk droppings too) on the trail. Elk travel in herds, as opposed to moose that are solitary or in very small groups, so the amount of tracks on the trail was quite large. We followed these tracks until they drifted off into the forest too. Once again, Zorro's intensity told me how fresh the tracks were; but alas, no elk sightings...

Finally, we found sled dog tracks on the trail and we found sled dogs too!!!! Come along for the highlights flirting with the dog teams from Good Times Adventures.

On a side trail as a team goes along the main trail. Zorro and I let the team get a slight head start and then play "chase & follow":
"Ready, ready... Let's chase!!!!" says Zorro lined up and ready to get going following the
team to our right on the main trail.
Whenever we find a team paused on the trail, Zorro loves to flirt as he runs by:
"Hi friends! Follow me!" says happy Zorro flashing a smile to the team paused to our left.
Sometimes the trail is too narrow for passing, so Zorro and I pause to flirt as our friends go by:
Look at all those happy husky faces giving Zorro a glance as they go by (and you know
Zorro was flashing back just as happy a glance)!
End of the day as we reconnect with Jack at the trailhead and take a moment to watch a team and their handlers in front of us:
"Bye friends. See you again soon!" say Zorro and Jack to the team paused on the trail.

A fun day with moose & elk teasers before sled dog success: 9.2 miles traveled with 1000 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 20 MPH.

2017/2018 Season to Date: 29 days on the trails covering 212.0 miles with 18,400 feet of elevation climbed.

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