Saturday, January 6, 2018

Jack Dash

Hooking up little Jack with Zorro and I for our "50-100 yard Jack Dash" to finish yesterday's 9.4 mile skijor outing.
Jack Dash! Zoom :)
Our current skijor pattern: Zorro and I go out for miles & miles and then we hook up little Jack for an easy (flat or downhill) 50-100 yard dash to finish the day's outing. This is great training for Jack to run alongside Zorro but keeping the terrain easy so he does not have to pull yet (he's too young for real pulling, but perfect for 50 yard dashes :)

Come along to watch yesterday's Jack Dash to finish our outing. Wheeee!
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

You might notice I am snowplowing quite a bit in the prior video. Why, you ask? Well, I could say because the trail is pretty steep and I want to be under control (that is partly correct). Or, I could say because I want to keep our speed at a level good for young Jack (that is partly correct). Or, I could reveal the truth - there is a gate with a super narrow (and icy) side entrance at the end of the trail. Both my skijor partners saw nothing wrong with approaching and going through this narrow opening at full speed (and then hitting the dirt road on the other side of the gate). Well, the human would not have survived going such speeds through the gate! Thus the snowplowing :)
Gate at the end of the trail. Doesn't look like Zorro or Jack have any intention of slowing
to go through gently, does it!!!!! Snowplow to save the human!
Back to the day before the Jack Dash. We skijored the upper trails of Breckenridge Nordic Center and the conditions were PERFECT! Look at this great view:
Great view of Flying Zorro!
Great view of perfect trail conditions!
Great view of the Colorado Rockies to our right!
Here we go with Zorro flying along the fast nordic trails. Zoom!
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

Great day for a 9+ mile skijor followed by a 50-100 yard Jack Dash to end the day!
"Perfect! Just perfect! I had sooo much fun!" exclaims happy Zorro at a turnaround point
on the trails yesterday morning.

A fast & fun day on groomed nordic trails: 9.4 miles traveled with 700 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 23 MPH.

2017/2018 Season to Date: 22 days on the trails covering 152.3 miles with 13,550 feet of elevation climbed.

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