Monday, February 4, 2019


Nice "shot from the front" as we arrive at the trailhead to end this morning's fun skijor.
Happy boys! Yes, I am snowplowing pretty aggressively as the trail ends just a few
feet in front of us!
We had a fast & fun run on the groomed trails at Breckenridge Nordic Center. Most of the day looked like the following photo:
Catching air as we fly along the fast trail!
While most of the day looked like the prior photo, we had a few comical diversions. Come along for the comedy...

At our turnaround point of the outing and guess what everyone did :)
"Rub a dub dub - I'm a headless snow angel!" demonstrates goofy Jack.
"He's at it AGAIN!" states Zorro.
"Cooling my belly!" adds funny Rudy.
And then it is Rudy's turn...
"Ahhh, rolling in Jack's angel imprint!" demonstrates goofy Rudy.
"Not him TOO?!?!?" states Zorro.
"Hey, snowcones are almost as much fun as snow angels!" adds funny Jack snacking on snow.
Here is an interesting shot from the day:
"Hi dad - you are funny!" says silly Rudy.
How on earth did I get that previous photo with my ski sideways? Well, come watch the video comedy of the day. We are just about to enter an extremely steep piece of trail. I had stopped to get myself together before entering the steep section. But, as I start to go, my ski tips cross and I topple over. You can hear me utter "wait" once to get everyone to stop; but I quickly realize the trail is to steep for me to stop! So, I don't try to enforce the wait and simply slide down the trail on my butt instead. Buttjoring at its best :)
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

Like I said earlier, a primarily fast & fun outing on groomed trails with a little comedy mixed in: 5.2 miles traveled with 500 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 22 MPH.

2018/2019 Season to Date: 46 days on the trails covering 249.6 miles with 22,350 feet of elevation climbed.

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