Friday, February 1, 2019

Beautiful Morning

It was a beautiful bluebird morning to skijor Boreas Pass.
Great views and lots of skijoring fun!
Cruising along the trail as the ski runs of Breckenridge Ski Resort come into view on the
mountains across the valley.
An interesting observation from the prior photo. Doesn't Zorro (in the middle) look bigger than both Jack and Rudy? But it is not true - Zorro is a small Siberian Husky and both Jack & Rudy out-weigh him. Guess it is the maturity that makes him appear bigger :)

Boreas Pass has lots of fun terrain. Here is one cool stretch where you are amongst a dense grove of aspen trees on both side of you as you glide along the trail:
Aspens, aspens everywhere.
The further you go on Boreas, the narrower the set trail becomes. Not everyone has sled dogs to make it far up the pass. Come along for today's pretty video clip as the trail is just wide enough for three sled dogs to fit and comfortably gallop along. What a beautiful morning it was!
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

Time to turn around and, well, you guessed it.....
"Gotcha - turning around!" says veteran Zorro who is always listening :)
"Dunk - cooling my face while eating snow!" demonstrates head dunked Rudy behind Zorro.
"You expected something else at our turn around?" adds comical and always snow rolling Jack.
Nancy has a cheap video cam she uses to capture us near the trailheads. This camera is not the best in bad lighting. I thought we were going to get a great shot from the front as we came running past her. But, this part of the trail has dense trees and the shade was very dark. We still got a shot from the front, but not as impressive as I hoped given the dark shade and cheap camera.
All smiles as we fly on by. "Hi mom, bye mom!" says the happy trio.
We are still keeping Rudy's runs short (albeit more frequent now) as he continues to grow; but we are covering some serious distance in short amounts of time. This trio is impressive! 5.2 miles traveled with 400 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 20 MPH.

2018/2019 Season to Date: 44 days on the trails covering 234.8 miles with 20,850 feet of elevation climbed.

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